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Eagles 2, Dave 0 June 16, 2008

Posted by saltcastings in All-purpose, Fishing.

Woke up early Saturday morning [like pretty much every morning these past four months] and ran down to fish an hour of the outgoing tide on the North end of the RBC before swim lessons.  As soon as I clambered my way to the crest of the train tracks, I saw two eagles standing on a fish between me and the water.  One was a mature bird and the other still brown.  Neither seemed overly concerned to see me, though when I finally decided there was no way around them and started down the other side, they both picked up and moved in opposite directions down the beach. 

I fished the point with a pink and white baitfish pattern, working my way south until I ran into a thick patch of milfoil.  When I turned back to shore to plot my next move, the immature bird was sitting on a rock about 40 yards away.  I watched him hop down to a smaller rock just at the edge of the water and hop foot-to-foot as the waves licked his toes.  Just as I started to laugh, he reached down and plucked a dead flounder from the water, hop back up on the rock and began eating his breakfast. 

I couldn’t tell how far down the beach the milfoil went but decided to take advantage of his distraction and wade past.  I was 20 yards dead in front of him when he finished his first course.  This led to a fierce staredown, which I won when he broke gaze, bounced down to another rock at the water’s edge, and picked up what looked like a small trout or salmon smolt.  It was pretty much over at that point but the crying.

Eagles 2, Dave 0.



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