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Stranded [almost] and Trevi’s eighth life July 12, 2008

Posted by saltcastings in All-purpose, Family.

After swim lessons, the boys and I took the Whaler over to Jefferson Head to drop the crab pot and try our luck jigging for a salmon dinner.  The wind was blowing pretty good from the north, so after we dropped the pot, we motored a few hundred yards north to start our drift.  We fashioned a water anchor out of a five-gallon bucket to slow things down but still had trouble keeping the jigs down near where the fish might be.  On our way back for the second drift, the engine started to bog a bit, so I gave it more throttle, thinking I could smooth it out.  Instead, it revved, then bogged and quit.  I restarted, bogged again, but got enough steam built to get us where we were going.  I could tell by the in-line fuel filter that there was something wrong with the line preventing a constant flow of fuel from the tank to the motor.

We drifted near the pot and had two more bogging/stalling episodes before we could fish it out of the water.  The trap held a rock crab, a few small dungeness and a frisbee-sized starfish, which was very cool to check out.  I got the boat restarted and we raced back toward Shilshole, making it within 30 yards of the jetty before she gave up the ghost for good.  A friendly sailboat gave us a tow in close enough to the launch for me to paddle.

At home I figured out the tube inside the tank had detatched from the valve.  I don’t know if it dangled for while, allowing us to traverse the Sound, or if there was some type of Divine Intervention at play.  Either way, I’m glad I found the problem, that it’s a cheap fix, and that we didn’t get stuck halfway back and in the path of one of the cruise ships.

While all this was going on, Dawn and Lucy were leaving for a Costco run when Dawn looked up and noticed Trevi hanging from the top of the garage door.  Sometimes Trevi uses the open garage door as a platform to climb up into the rafters and evidently had been on it when Dawn pushed the button.  By the time Dawn saw her, she was litterally hanging by her neck with her head caught between the top of the door and the header.  Dawn hit the button again, the door rolled up and Trevi dropped free, running around to the back yard.  The Kitty Gods must have been smiling down on her today as she doesn’t have a mark on her. 

I checked the clearance between the top of the door and the header tonight when I closed up shop: there is a white rubber gasket that covers the 1/2 inch gap.  It’s barely big enough to feel with my finger, let alone accomodate a cat’s neck.  I don’t know how she did it but I’m really glad she did.



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