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Watching: Galapagos July 25, 2008

Posted by saltcastings in All-purpose.

Galapagos showed up this week in one of those nifty little Netflix envelopes.  This is exactly the kind of movies big flat panel TVs are made for, which is why it would be even more amazing if we actually had that kind of TV.  I’ve only been able to stay awake through the first episode but so far have learned two cool new things:

  1. the 30-ish island group was/is created by what is called a “mantle plume” – essentially a direct connection to the earth’s molten core.   A tectonic plate is moving across this hot spot at the rate of one inch per year, building new land mass as it goes.  The islands at the center are growing daily, while the ones furthest away are being eroded and absorbed again by the ocean.  Everything in between is in some varying state of life or death.
  2. Every species that inhabit the islands arrived from somewhere else.  There are no indigenous animals; they either floated, swam, flew or were somehow otherwise deposited there.  Even more amazing is that many have evolved and adapted in such ways that they are the only animals like that on the planet — like the marine iguana.

And yes, I know I’m a nerd.



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