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I got a B in motorcycles today August 20, 2008

Posted by saltcastings in All-purpose, GS.

Completed the ride portion of my motorcycle certification this morning and fortunately, 86 is still passing.   The morning started slow with the instructor arriving 40 minutes late to the main parking lot at Everett Memorial Stadium.  No apologies to the eight of us waiting.  Note: you’re a fool if you think you can try to reach an actual human being by phone at the DMV.  Several of us tried, wondering if we were in the wrong place, the guy choked on a maple bar and hit a pole on the way there, etc., but to no avail.  Save yourself the agony.

Instructor guy crawls out of his car and immediately breaks a sweat setting out the twelve cones that make up the course.  Nice.  He takes roll call, then starts the batting order alphabetically.  The first guy is riding a new Ninja 650 and just got through telling me how he blew the cone section at a test in Lynwood the week before.  Three cones later it’s deja vu all over again as he rides over one, then drops a foot.  -20 points right there.  Second run he all but drops the bike in a slow right turn.  Better luck next time.

This guy draws the number two slot.  Made all but the last two cones [-10] and overshot the controlled stop goal by two feet [-4].  Grabbed the cert, flashed a thumbs up to the rest of the fellas and was audi…



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