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Shutout on the Stilly October 21, 2008

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The boys and I headed north on Sunday to fish for sea run cutthroat on the Stillaguamish.  We met Gary K. at the Denny’s just outside Arlington, and after a quick map consult and a cuppa, decided to try our luck around where the river intersects the town of Silvana.

Our first attempt at gaining river acess came up short when the friendly caretaker of the town’s nicest trailer park reminded us we were on private property.  And that we had also been driving over the park’s posted speed limit.  Apparently the cordless phone he was waving around also doubles as a radar gun.

We found some legal ground just north of where Larson Rd. crosses the river and dropped in to fish a long sweeping hole.  Beautiful water, semi-clear, perfect temp.  I was carrying both rods set up to fish different depths while the boys were armed with a Zebco and Mepps spinner.

Thirty minutes after we hit the water, the boys had given up on fishing.  A while later I could see them badgering Gary at the far end of the hole, then they slipped out of sight.  When I caught up with them about a half hour later, they were covered in wet sand, shoes off, hurtling themselves off a sand cliff and tumbling to the bottom.  Thank god I’d brought changes of clothes for the trip home.

In the meantime, I threw everything but the fly box to no avail.  Muddler, yellow spider, reverse spider and even an egg pattern in frustration.  Made some great casts, too, and even made a game out of hitting the eddys on the far side of the river.  Gary picked up a steelhead smolt and a decent sized cutt from a hole down the way, though he had to cover a bit of water for both of them.

Fantastic day on the river.  Can’t wait to go back.



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