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Pink Sno September 26, 2011

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The boys and I picked up Regular Grandpa this morning on our way to fish for pinks on the Snohomish.  We fished the same spot the week before and got skunked: lots of fish jumping and finning, but no bite.  This time the boys were set up with gaudy pink maribou jigs while I was armed with an assortment of clousers, comets and other pink accoutrements.

Don and the boys ended up fishing well above me.  At one point I turned to see Noah putting his little spin rod to the test with a sturdy fish on the other end.  I reeled in quickly to lend a hand and noticed he was putting down the rod.  I guessed he’d lost the fish, but since I was out of the water anyway, I might as well make the walk up and check in.  Halfway there I hear him yell.  “Dad, I got one.  Can I kill it?”  He was holding the salmon over his head like a prize fighter holding a championship belt.  “Sure,” I yelled back, while several guys on the bank started to laugh.

When I finally reached them, the salmon was quietly resting on the bank and he was back fishing.  Turns out his drag had failed shortly after he hooked the fish, so he dropped the rod and fought it hand-over-hand, landed it by himself with no net, and bonked it all on his own.  Jack hooked and lost three fish, including one that was a real pig.  Me?  Shut out, again, but couldn’t have been more proud.


Cold steel September 12, 2011

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I got up early to swing some flies on the Sky yesterday but no luck finding a fish. Noah and I found a long sweeper last year that looked like pretty ideal holding water so I thought I’d give it a try. I wanted to beat any crowds so I got there well before daylight and used a headlamp to beat through the blackberries.  Eventually I made my way  to the top of the hole and ended up standing around for a few minutes before I could see the end of my rod. I threw the same black General Practitioner I used on the Hoh — which, coincidentally, is the same fly I caught a small wild steelhead two years ago on the Sky — using a 10′ sink tip on the end of my floating line. That setup worked good at the head and tailout, but I didn’t like it in the slower part of the run, so I ended up monkeying around a bit in places trying to figure out the best method for keeping the fly in play. I brought my spool with the intermediate shooting head and tried a stimulator/dropper setup with a stonefly at one point, then went back to the floater with a regular 9′ leader and dredged the hole again with an egg-sucking bunny leech. It really should have been a dynamite morning as there was a heavy fog that kept the sun off the water until almost 9. Guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.