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Hello, Dolly January 29, 2012

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With the local rivers closing a month early due to lower-than-predicted steelhead returns, the boys and I made a hail-mary run up to the Skagit near Rockport today.  We’d never fished it before but have been talking about going for a few weeks. 

When we got there, we found the water well above average flows.  I didn’t bother to look before we left, since we were going anyway.  Unfortunately, our destination was too high to fish well.  I whipped the water for about ten minutes and then started to pack it in.  Noah stepped out in the midst of the confluence of the small creek we’d walked down to reach the river.  He wound up and pitched a little Mepps spinner.  I could see Skadi dragging Jack through the blackberries. 

He barely got his feet set when a big dolly nailed the spinner.  It bowed his little rod pretty good and made a few short runs before he got it into the slow water.  By the time I got there it was all over but the crying.  A 19″ beauty of a fish — light spots, white tipped fins and a kyped lower jaw.  With a quick twist of the hemo’s he was back cruising the Skagit.  Noah tried to raise another from the same pool but apparently they’d already got the memo.

On the way back to Darrington we found a gorgeous drift on the Sauk and dove off the bank.  It would have been perfect if there wasn’t a guy already started through it.  I swung for a half hour or so but no luck.  We were due back in Seattle too soon for Jack’s indoor soccer game.  First time on either river and I can’t wait to get back.


First tracks on the Sky January 17, 2012

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First tracks on the Sky

Noah gunning for winter steel on the Skykomish.