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24 random things about me February 10, 2009

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Copied from my FB page.

  1. I eat peanut butter almost every day and once bet a co-worker $50 I could eat a pint of Adams in one sitting. I would have done it if I hadn’t looked at the fat content and worried if my heart could take it.
  2. My oldest son, Jack is an amazing athlete and will be twice the soccer player I ever was.
  3. My youngest son, Noah, will invent something that will change history.
  4. My daughter, Lucy, will make me bald.
  5. I would fly fish every day if it would pay the mortgage.
  6. Dawn and I skied at White Pass for our second date. In the afternoon we hiked up a hill and threw snowballs at people going by and laughed until our sides hurt. I knew at that point she was the girl for me.
  7. My favorite TV show of all time is 60 minutes.
  8. There is nothing like the sight and sound of a ringneck pheasant exploding out of tall grass.
  9. I believe good people find each other.
  10. If money wasn’t an option, I’d have five bikes in my garage right now: silver ‘02 BMW GSA, ‘01 Ducati 996R, late-90’s Ducati Monster, ‘66 Ducati Mach 1 and an MV Agusta F4.
  11. My wife is the strongest person I will ever meet.
  12. When I was 12 I jumped off a 20+ foot cliff trying to catch a tree to impress my friends. I missed the trunk and caught my leg on the last branch. My head swung past a rock that probably would have killed me. I worry daily about the cliffs my kids will face.
  13. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if I had not spent as much time with my grandmother as I did.
  14. I subscribe the theory that one can never have too many fly rods. Or shotguns.
  15. I have zero time/interest in watching sports on TV, so for years I’ve watched Sports Center highlights to keep up with my peers at the water cooler. Figure I’ve saved years of my life and they are none the wiser. The only exception to this is the World Cup.
  16. I can’t wait to get a dog.
  17. The anthems of my youth can be found in the lyrics of Minor Threat, The Cult and Public Enemy.
  18. I only wear shoes when I absolutely have to. Otherwise its flip flops.
  19. I love to cook, especially things that come with a chance to learn about another place, time or culture.
  20. I have been overserved in six of the top ten U.S. cities.
  21. You can find a picture of Tiger Woods and me in a 2-page Accenture ad in the January-February 2009 issue of the Economist.
  22. I once hauled a brand new surfboard all the way to Fiji and never put it in the water. There were no waves that week anywhere in the islands. Not even Cloudbreak.
  23. I love to win, learn from getting beat, and hate to lose.
  24. I’ve managed to catch crabs three times in the past three years. Dungeness, that is.

Dad’s new 2002 1150GS Adventure August 30, 2008

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We tracked this beaut down last week and sealed the deal on Wednesday.  The previous owner, Jay, loaded her up in the back of his truck and drove up from Elma to meet me at South Sound BMW.   She was everything he described.  I love the fact it’s got a sixth gear and the shifting is definitely smoother than mine.  It’s going to be an awesome bike for him, both for getting around town, as well as loading up and riding to Longview, to fish the Klickitat, or heck, to turn north and head towards Anchorage.

I got a B in motorcycles today August 20, 2008

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Completed the ride portion of my motorcycle certification this morning and fortunately, 86 is still passing.   The morning started slow with the instructor arriving 40 minutes late to the main parking lot at Everett Memorial Stadium.  No apologies to the eight of us waiting.  Note: you’re a fool if you think you can try to reach an actual human being by phone at the DMV.  Several of us tried, wondering if we were in the wrong place, the guy choked on a maple bar and hit a pole on the way there, etc., but to no avail.  Save yourself the agony.

Instructor guy crawls out of his car and immediately breaks a sweat setting out the twelve cones that make up the course.  Nice.  He takes roll call, then starts the batting order alphabetically.  The first guy is riding a new Ninja 650 and just got through telling me how he blew the cone section at a test in Lynwood the week before.  Three cones later it’s deja vu all over again as he rides over one, then drops a foot.  -20 points right there.  Second run he all but drops the bike in a slow right turn.  Better luck next time.

This guy draws the number two slot.  Made all but the last two cones [-10] and overshot the controlled stop goal by two feet [-4].  Grabbed the cert, flashed a thumbs up to the rest of the fellas and was audi…

The ultimate fly fishing machine July 27, 2008

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BMW: the ultimate fly fishing machine

Caught four flounder and a juvenile blackmouth yesterday morning at Picnic Point.  I also hooked and lost a decent sized [12″-14″] trout that hit, swam straight at me and then jumped and spit the hook before I could get the line tight.  It’s nice to be seeing some fish again.

There are no salmon in Puget Sound June 20, 2008

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It’s true.  I’ve tried to find them and they’re not there.  Anywhere.  I think the orcas had something to do with it.

Beautiful morning at Carkeek.  Loaded up the GS and hit Diva for a doppio espresso on my way down.  There was one guy there before me fishing the surface and another guy [the old man from Patrick’s, John, I think] who stepped in just before I left.  Nobody got so much as a bump, nor had they had much luck recently.  The water was unusually dark and cloudy considering there hadn’t been much rain.  Near high tide, fished chartreuse/white, then pink/white baitfish patterns to try to get some visibility.

Damn orcas…

ADV June 13, 2008

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My ADV Rider stickers came today, all the way from Toronto.  Thanks Gadget Boy.  


Hooked on… June 10, 2008

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Adventure Rider at the moment.  Stumbled across the site in the early days of my search for the GS.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the dual sport moto world, including parts, bikes and more discussion threads than you could ever stand to read.  Internet BMW Riders is also a great site.